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Stone Forest

Kunming, China

No visit to Yunnan is complete without a tour of the incredible Stone Forest.

According to historical records dating back to the Ming Dynasty, it has been one of the most famous scenic spots in China.

Upon entering the forest, you are confronted by one miraculous view after another. The Stone Forest is one of the world’s most unusual natural phenomenon. The forest is a special form of karst topography, which came into existence about 270 million years ago. Known as the "Number One Grand Spectacle on Earth", its numerous stone spires, springing up from the ground, assume all sorts of fanciful and picturesque shapes. The Stone Forest covers an area of about 73,800 acres. The strange shapes, some in solitary, loftiness, some in clusters, look like animals and birds. Satan (or his popular Western image, at least) even makes an appearance.

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