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  • Alex Gillam

The Train Suite Shiki-shima: A New Way to Explore Japan

A sleeper train without compare, the ultra-luxe Train Suite Shiki-shima is poised to set a new standard for multi-day journeys to Hokkaido, Nagano, and beyond.

Outfitted with five bespoke sleeper cars and limited to just 34 passengers, those lucky enough to travel aboard the train are treated to the most luxurious ride of their life; while traveling through the magical landscapes of eastern Japan, two observation cars (worthy of an art museum in their own right), a lavish dining car serving unique, locally-inspired meals, as well as in-room hinoki cypress bathtubs ensure that there is no shortage of activities for guests to enjoy.

Each day, following a seasonal breakfast, guests can enjoy specially planned sightseeing excursions that showcase both the culture and the lifestyles of those that call this region home; from Edo-era shrines and indigenous dance performances to hidden hot springs and volcanic valleys, the sights you uncover here are sure to linger with you for a lifetime.

Interested in incorporating the Train Suite Shiki-shima into your client’s future Japan journey? Contact us at or 800-420-5993 and we will be more than happy to assist in putting together a proposal. For more information on Japan, head over to our Destination Page, where you can view sample itineraries, our favorite activities, and so much more.

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