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A land some 5000 years in the making, it swells with ancient traditions, cultures and settings. As richly varied as the Himalayan and coastal topography of its borders, India proves a country of fascinating juxtapositions; frenetic bazaars amid surreal coastal villages, majestic temples abreast contemporary metropolises, sprawling wildlife reserves alongside ancient settings of religious sanctity. This is India, vibrant and intriguing in every of its many facets.


Explore this brilliant tapestry of ancient and modern, traditional and progressive, all encompassing and charmingly unique in everything it has to offer. Find yourself in front of the majestic Taj Mahal in Agra and look into your reflection in the holy waters of Varanasi. Delve deep into the royal past of Rajasthan or track the elusive tiger in Bandhavgarh. This is the brilliant India, a land as diverse as the mass it covers.


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Sample itineraries:

13 Day Journey

14 Day India Safari


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