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Upon its stage play scenes of inspiring contrasts. Wooden boats bob up and down beside the massive ocean liners charting their way back into the harbor; fragile tenements crumble next to sleek steel skyscrapers; village elders push wheelbarrows as luxury autos cruise by; and market vendors sell chicken feet and dried squid in the midst of a cell phone conversation.


In fact, everywhere you look upon this recently returned Chinese island, there seems to be a plot of charming irony ready to unfold. But this is the unique appeal of Hong Kong. Its characters are those of vibrant colors and its settings those of brilliant intrigue. From the old man taking his caged bird for the daily walk to the athletes on the field playing a friendly game of rugby, Hong Kong’s inhabitants reflect an intricate weaving of Chinese traditions and British refinements.


Today, as the red Hong Kong flag replaces the Union Jack pattern of days gone past, Hong Kong thrives as one of the leaders in exports and industry and boasts one of the most booming economies in the world. A visit into this land of modern and ancient combined will leave no visitor untouched…nor without the luxuries of home.

Hong Kong is the Jewel of the Orient and one of the world's most exciting destinations. With its unique blend of 20th-century commercialism and centuries-old Chinese culture, it offers visitors a dazzling and unforgettable experience. Hong Kong has become a world-class city by fusing Chinese traditions with Western customs; at its foundation, quite literally, is the ancient art of fung shui, the belief in luck provided by the elements of wind (fung) and water (shui). Neither village houses nor the landmark Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank headquarters gets built without approval from a fung shui master.

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Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Kowloon Shangri-La

Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Rosewood Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

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