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Bhutan, a country the size of Switzerland, sparsely populated with barely one million people, is a land of contrasts, lush forested valleys, fortified monasteries and sacred virgin mountains. The small 'Dragon' Kingdom of Bhutan lies hidden in the Eastern Himalayas between India and Tibet.  The country's thriving religion, Buddhism, can be seen everywhere in the form of fluttering prayer flags, whirling prayer wheels and imposing hilltop monasteries.  With tradition being of paramount importance, Bhutan's people have a natural warmth and charm and the Kingdom's inherent culture remains strong, something that becomes immediately apparent during any visit. You will see men practicing the national sport of archery, women selling mushrooms from road side stalls and houses painted with colorful signs.  Monasteries, markets, bazaars, breathtaking mountain passes; Bhutan has this and much more, all set against the backdrop of the stupendous Himalayas.




Sample itineraries:

Bhutan & Nepal

11 Day Journey


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