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Nha Trang Exploration

Enjoy a visit to the centrally-located Dam Market, where you will have the chance to peruse

the produce, fruit, vegetables and seafood for sale.

Once you have toured the market, you will can shop for souvenirs, relax at a beachfront café or go for a quick swim.

Pay a visit to Long Son pagoda where you will see the iconic, meditating Buddha seated atop a hillock.

Visit the Ponagar Cham towers complex for an overview of a unique Champa civilization that existed only in the Central part of Vietnam. Dedicated to the goddess Uroja, the central tower features a black stone sculpture of the deity. Local villagers still bring offerings of flowers and incense to her shrine.

Make your way across Ha Ra Bridge and marvel at the vibrant spectacle formed by the brightly-painted fishing boats moored in Nha Trang’s harbor.

Visit the XQ Embroidery Workshop, displaying the exquisitely designed, hand-crafted embroidered works made by hundreds of different Vietnamese artists.

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