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  • Alex Gillam

The Ethereal Fairy Stream of Mui Ne

A water fissure from the nearby Rom Island, Mui Ne’s Fairy Stream is a unique, red-hued waterway flanked by awe-inspiring sand dunes, towering trees, and one-of-a-kind rock formations.

This dream-like stream, like something straight out of a painting of nature, gets its color from the silt of the nearby sand stalactites lining one side of the stream; on the other side, a vast coconut forest provides a spectacular and more desolate contrast.

And unlike most famous water attractions, the preferred way of visiting the Fairy Stream is to take your shoes off and walk straight through it. With Mui Ne enjoying a reputation for its rather warm temperatures, the ankle-to-knee deep water provides a welcome respite from the heat beneath your feet; in certain areas, the shallow stream even gives the illusion of being able to walk on water.

At the end of the stream, a garden complete with swinging hammocks and Mui Ne coconut milk gives you the chance to unwind and take in your surroundings - the perfect way to cap off an afternoon at one of Vietnam’s most interesting attractions.

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