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  • Alex Gillam

Create Your Own teamLab Artwork at Home

With the majority of the world unable to travel to their mind-bending museums, teamLab's latest piece is designed to both connect, and inspire, without guests even needing to leave their living room.

Using either a smartphone or a printed out piece of paper, users from around the world collaborate to create an ever-evolving portrait of nature titled 'Flowers Bombing Home'.

After submitting your design, your flower will come to life across screens all over the globe

as a way of bringing humanity together during a time where we are physically separated. The flowers are set to bloom for the duration of the Coronavirus, and they will be recorded forever as a unique way of preserving this moment in history.

For information on how to participate, head to the teamLab website to access the provided templates as well as the necessary steps to follow; if you'd simply prefer to watch, the video above allows you to view the constantly shifting artwork in real time.

To learn more about teamLab's other social-distancing friendly activities, click here to read about a newly-built installation designed to get you away from the crowds.

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