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Indulge on Indonesia's newest yacht Aqua Blu

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The Aqua Blu luxury yacht sets sail Indonesia's waters in November 2019!

Sail the Indonesian waters in style aboard the latest Aqua Blu yacht of Aqua Expeditions. Its sailings, at 7 or 12 nights, guarantee its boutique factor with Michelin-starred restaurants and just 15 suites onboard, ensuring personalized service at one crew member per passenger. Aqua's first coastal ship and the first long-range expedition-class yacht will be permanently based in the archipelago of eastern Indonesia. Explore the "coral triangle" of Indonesia, recognized as part of the old spice trade paths for its rich biodiversity and colonial history.

Guests can choose from one of three sailings:

  • Komodo and Moyo Island: top notch diving and snorkeling

  • Raja Ampat: surrounded by spectacular clusters of limestone karst islands, secret lagoons, bays and beaches, this scenic region also offers some of the best diving, snorkeling and biodiversity environments in the world, offering exceptional wildlife excursions both on the ground and underwater

  • Ambon & Spice Islands: this fascinating area is rich in history with its colonial architecture and culture where visitors can observe centuries-old traditions, including cultivation of spices in the world's oldest nutmeg plantation and kora-kora war canoe racing

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