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Where in the World: Indonesia

A land of unparalleled natural and cultural facets, Indonesia emits an ever-captivating scent of intrigue and discovery. Its dense forests (which carpet more than half of the country) house every species imaginable, from tiny tarsiers to mammoth flowers, cheeky monkeys to carnivorous plants, and the rare Sumatran rhino to the infamous orangutan. Its location in the heart of the Ring of Fire has built the prolific array of bubbling volcanoes that line Indonesia’s iconic horizon.

In fact, its unique location in both hemispheres has given rise to 150 volcanoes, 127 of which are active, making Indonesia home to more volcanoes than any other country on Earth.

It is here, amidst a breathtaking concoction of natural stimulants, that you will find the world’s 2nd largest goldmine, the Grasberg Mining Complex. Known as Indonesia’s pot of gold, more than 1.5 million kg of gold have been mined from this striking expanse since 1990, and estimates have its gold ore reserves coming in at around $40 Billion. In addition to its natural resources, the mine also boasts enough facilities to host a small town, complete with a hospital, school, airport, and housing options to support the more than 17,000 employees who work at the mine.

Want to learn more? We encourage you to visit our Indonesia Destination Page for sample itineraries, our preferred hotels & tours, and much more.

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