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Ueno Park & Ameya Yokocho

Tokyo, Japan

Visit Ueno Park, the cultural center of Tokyo.

This expansive park houses temples, shrines and an array of cultural insititutions and museums. Ueno attracts visitors of all types: people from the countryside visiting Tokyo, children on school excursions, shoppers looking for good deals in Ameyoko and foreigners (some of whom are illegal aliens).

While here, visit Ameya Yokocho (or, Ameyoko), an open-air shopping street lining the tracks between Okachimachi & Ueno Stations.

The name Ameyoko can be interpreted in multiple ways: on one hand, Ameyoko is short for Ameya Yokocho (candy store alley) thanks to the fact that candies were famously sold here; alternatively, ‘Ame’ stands for America, a result of the plethora of American Goods that were sold here in the years after World War II.

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