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The Ultimate Cleansing: Melukat Ceremony


Partake in a sacred Melukat Ceremony, designed to cleanse the body, both spiritually and physically, of any negative elements.

The first step of the ceremony requires visitors to pray before the banyan tree (which holds the spirits) to ask for permission to enter the temple. For the ceremony, visitors must always wear a sarong/sash; do not walk in front of other people who are praying, do not point your camera at the priest’s face and never sit higher than the priest or the offerings.

To pray before the banyan tree, begin by rubbing a flower in your palms to cleanse your hands.

Afterwards, concentrate on implementing a positive mind & soul before placing a small white flower, held in prayer, behind your right ear.

Continue praying with a mixture of vibrantly colored flowers which are then placed behind your left ear and atop your head.

In closing, both hands are placed on your head in a symbol of thanks and prosperity.

During the second step of the cleansing ceremony, begin by submerging your head in the fountain 3 times as a means of cleansing your mind.

Following your cleansing at the first fountain, proceed to the rest of the fountains for a cleansing of the heart and solar plexus chakras. Please note: some fountains will be skipped as they are strictly for priests or their purpose relates to preparing the dead for cremation.

During the second step, the Mangku (Priests) encourage worshippers to drink deeply from the water, as well.

Afterwards, change into dry clothing as you prepare for the third & final step.

Your Melukat Ceremony culminates in a prayer session on the main yard of the temple.

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