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  • Alex Gillam

The Red Lotus Sea, Thailand’s Magical Freshwater Lake

A hidden gem in a country brimming with world famous wonders, The Red Lotus Sea of Udon Thani is one of the best kept secrets in Thailand, and a lake like no other; as the rainy season comes to a close, the lotus flowers dotting the lake (officially named Lake Nong Harn) are completely transformed into a mirage-like world of pink and crimson, with the buoyant blossoms opening up and forming one of the most miraculous aquatic gardens on Earth.

To uncover the lake’s full beauty, an early morning boat trip is recommended (the flowers close as the day goes on), as a romantic voyage through the lake’s narrow channels gives you the best chance to take in the natural splendor on display; other highlights interspersed throughout the vibrant patches of pink include small islands adorned with shrines and other spiritual objects, as well as Heron, Duck and Moorhen wildlife playfully starting their day.

Like a vision tailor made for social media, the enchanting scenery on display at The Red Lotus Sea makes for one of Thailand’s best day trip experiences.

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