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The Magnificent Terraced Fields of Longsheng

Guilin, China

Travel 60 miles north (2 ½ -3 hours drive from Guilin) through the hills to Longsheng. Visit a local Yao Minority Village who have theirown distinctive costumes, customs and crafts.

Longsheng is situated in a densely forested area and has a population of only 160,000 people. It is surrounded by mountains.

Built on the mountain slopes, the town boasts rows of tall buildings separated by banyan trees. Close to Longsheng is the Hot Spring National Park and the Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces – incredible terraced rice fields. The rice fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountaintop.

Hike to the Ancient Zhuang Village. This hike consists of a one hour one way hike and the option of hiking further into the mountains if you wish to do so.

Early this evening return to Guilin.

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