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  • Alex Gillam

teamLab Reconnect in Roppongi

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The newest addition to their world-class collection of exhibits, teamLab Reconnect takes visitors on a physical and mental journey that is truly one of a kind; located in the Roppongi District, Reconnect marries a tranquil sauna experience with the hypnotizing music and out of this world imagery that teamLab has become famous for.

Centered around the concept of a ‘sauna trance’, visitors begin by enjoying alternating hot and cold baths, as it is said that the contrasting physical shocks heighten your perception, clear your mind, and sharpen your physical senses – leaving you in the perfect state for an immersive art experience like you’ve never seen before.

To learn more about teamLab’s other Tokyo offerings, or to see what else awaits you in Tokyo, we encourage you to visit our Japan Destination Page.

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