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Samurai Museum

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Tokyo, Japan

Visit the Samurai Museum, a 2-story exhibit depicting nearly 800 years of history relating to Japan’s iconic warrior caste.

As you walk along the tatami-lined floors, take in the replica Kabuto Helmets and Yoroi Suits before marveling at the original suits of armor dating back to the Muromachi Period. Discover the subtle nuances of each suit of armor; some suits are larger as they were designed for meat-eating clans while others boast exaggerated moustaches and other physical features meant to strike fear into the heart of their enemies.

Upstairs you will encounter sparsely-designed exhibits highlighting the Samurai’s extensive selection of weaponry, ranging from ancient spears and Katana to the intricately-designed arrow quivers bearing the symbol of a dragonfly; over time, the dragonfly came to symbolize the Samurai spirit, as the dragonfly can fly side-to-side and forwards, but never backwards. 

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