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Relax at a farmhouse retreat near Nara, Kyoto

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Superb Sasayuri-Ann, at a one hour drive from Nara, Kyoto, invites guests to experience a stay in a traditional Japanese farmhouse villa in a peaceful village. Consisting of two separate private villas, families or small groups can exclusively rent an entire villa. The main villa includes four bedrooms, with futons on tatami mats, spacious living room, modern bathroom, kitchen equipped with an electric cooking stove, dishwasher and coffee machine. Guests have the option of hiring a Michelin star chef to cook private meals in the villa.

This tourist-free destination retreat, surrounded by lush rice terraces and serene mountains, with beautiful landscape rock gardens and an ancient tea house on the property, are sure to leave guests breathless. Activities include bicycling, canoeing and hiking past waterfalls. A minimum two-night stay ensures the best experience at this must-visit destination retreat.

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