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Private Sumo Show & Chanko Lunch

Tokyo, Japan

Enjoy a private Sumo Show and Chanko Lunch.

Learn the history, rituals and rules behind this historic sport as you watch the sumo wrestlers grapple with one another.

Sumo is Japan’s oldest professional sport, with its origins dating back to Shinto rituals during the Tumulus Era (250-552 AD); its origins as a Shinto ritual can be seen even today, as the referees (gyojis) are dressed in a traditional robe resembling a Shinto Priest. Despite its ancient beginnings, it was not until the Edo Period (1603-1868) that Sumo began flourishing into the sport we now recognize.

After the show, you will have the opportunity to dine as the Sumo do during a Chanko Nabe Meal.

Chanko Nabe, a Japanese Hotpot Dish popular amongst Sumo Wrestlers as part of their weight training regimen, is a hearty soup made up of vegetables, savory spices, meats and seafood.

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