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  • Teissa Oxford

Pom Coong, Lac & Chieng Sai Village Experience

I enjoyed an exploratory walking tour (Can also be explored by Bike) that introduces you to the Pom Coong, Lac and Chieng Sai Villages.

Pom Coong is a splendorous village where the local way of life has changed little over the centuries; as you take in village lanes and unique stilt homes, discover an array of traditional crafts and marvel at stunning views of your natural surroundings.

The more than 700 year old Lac Village is made up of multiple Thai Ethnic Minorities: Ha, Lo Mac & Loc. Originally the residents of the village made their living by farming rice in the valley’s expansive fields, but as word of the region’s hidden beauty escaped, the locals have begun selling their unique scarfs, brocade outfits, wallets and much more to the outside world.

My breath was taken away by the beauty of the rice fields, traditional homes and the beautiful farm animals that roamed the trails. Mai Chau was truly a highlight of my trip to Vietnam.

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