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Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Visit Polonnaruwa, a World Heritage Site. It is advised that you wear long pants & a top that covers your shoulders for religious reasons. Light/cool clothing & comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Polonnaruwa was the Capital of Sri Lanka from the 11th - 13th Century.

Here you will find some splendid and spectacular statues: Lankatilake, Tivanka and Thuparama are the most beautiful and largest Image Houses and Tivanka has the best example of frescoes of the Polonnaruwa period.Rankoth Vehera and Kirivehera are well preserved large stupas, and Gal Vihare - a rock shrine, has four Buddha statues, two seated, one standing and one reclining and Parakrama Bahu statue are examples of Sinhalese stone carver.

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