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  • Alex Gillam

Sri Lanka Reopens to Tourists

Already beloved the world over for its unparalleled beauty, fantasy-esque train journeys and picture-perfect beaches, now that Sri Lanka has reopened its borders to international visitors, this idyllic island nation is a more attractive destination than ever.

As part of the government’s carefully implemented “bio bubble” policy, visitors must stay at one of the island’s 55 approved ‘Safe and Secure’ hotels, which are solely reserved for the use of foreign visitors, and off limits to the local population.

And unlike other countries which require a mandatory 2 week hotel quarantine, in Sri Lanka foreign travelers are allowed to leave their hotel so long as it is for tourism purposes, which is currently limited to visiting one of the country’s 14 approved tourism sites (for additional security, certain attractions will only accept visitors during designated time slots).

To ensure the health and safety of everyone, all visitors must show proof of a recent negative coronavirus test on arrival; guests will then be tested again on the 5th & 7th day of their stay – for guests staying longer than 7 days, an additional test will take place the following week.

With newly-introduced safety protocols protecting those who make the journey to this splendorous island retreat, there has never been a more enticing time to finally spread your wings and visit this feast for the senses.

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