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  • Teissa Oxford

Phobjikah Valley Nature Excursion

Explore the Phobjikha valley, serving as the winter home of black necked cranes that migrate from the arid plains in the north to pass winter in milder and lower climate. Enjoy dramatic views of the surrounding landscape, rich in vegetables and fields of orchards.

While here you will have the opportunity to visit the Black Necked Crane Information Center, from which you can use a high-powered telescope to observe birds in flight while learning about the history of the black necked crane in Bhutan.

Afterwards, your nature walk will take you to Kilkhorthang Village, where you can take in picturesque views of this small settlement set against a spectacular backdrop.

From this small hilltop, you will head downhill through a picturesque meadow lush in flowers en-route to Semchubara Village.

Afterwards, stroll through picturesque forests before making your way into the sprawling, open valley. There are multiple walking trails available during today’s Nature Walk; the various trails last anywhere from 1 – 3 hours.

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