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Phi Phi Islands Full Day Tour

Phuket, Thailand

At 9:00 AM, be ready in the lobby of the resort in preparation for a full day tour of the Phi Phi Islands. Your tour will be joined by others.

Visit Loh Sa Mah, a small, vibrant limestone bay popular with snorkelers and divers.

Explore the stunning, enclosed lagoon at Phi Phi Ley; while here, you may spend some time snorkeling or visit Viking Cave, a large limestone cave found on Phi Phi Ley that contains ancient rock paintings.

Enjoy lunch at a beachside restaurant.

After lunch, enjoy a visit to Bamboo Island.

This idyllic tropical hideaway is covered in rich forests of Bamboo and Casuarinas Trees; while here, you are free to swim or snorkel through the island’s crystal clear waters or simply sunbathe along the pristine beach.

At approximately 3:00 PM return to the hotel.

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