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  • Alex Gillam

Okutama: Secret Splendor in Western Tokyo

Just 2 hours from Tokyo by train, Okutama has long been a popular day trip for residents of the city looking to trade in the comforts of city life for a slice of adventure; from jaw-dropping ravines to world class rafting opportunities, these are but a few of the highlights Okutama has to offer:

  • Hiking Okutama is blessed with 3 picturesque mountains – Kumotori, Odake & Mito – and between the three of them, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to hiking opportunities. One must-see attraction is the Hatonosu Ravine, where, after hiking through the surrounding forest, visitors are treated to awe-inspiring views of Tokyo’s clearest & bluest river as well as the Shiromaru Dam.

  • Explore an Underground Cave In addition to its above ground highlights, Okutama is also home to the 250 million year old Nippara Limestone Cave, which happens to be the largest cave of its kind in Japan. During the visit, venture 800m deep into the cave and uncover wonderfully lit stalagmites, a white Bodhisattva statue and more.

  • Summer Fireworks For a more relaxed experience, make your way to Okutama during the summer months to take in two of Japan’s popular firework festivals, one of which draws in over 300,000 visitors looking to view the 5,000 different fireworks that erupt in the evening sky.

These are but a few of the wonders await you in Okutama; for more information on what experiences Japan has to offer, we encourage you to visit our website for sample itineraries, additional resources and more.

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