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  • Alex Gillam

New & Noteworthy: 36 Plus 3, Kyushu’s Luxury Sightseeing Train

A blend of new & old paired with both Western & Japanese traditions, this elegant 6 car train is the perfect opportunity to experience a more nostalgic form of train travel. To best showcase the regional charm of Kyushu, the train is outfitted with multiple panoramic windows, a lounge car with lavish sofas & swivel chairs perfect for soaking up the sights and so much more.

The trips themselves are divided into five different routes, and depending on which day of the week you travel, you and the other passengers aboard the train will be treated to picture perfect views of volcanoes, forests, seaside landscapes and other highlights of the island; along the way, the train will stop at a number of charming stations, at which point passengers can stretch their legs and soak up the local atmosphere before continuing on with their journey.

With so much focus placed on Tokyo and the modern highlights of the country, the 36 Plus 3 train is surely soon to be known as one of the finest ways to experience Japan’s traditional atmosphere without worrying about crowd size.

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