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  • Alex Gillam

Kabutocho, Tokyo's Trendiest Neighborhood

The gem of Nihonbashi’s maze-like alleyways, Kabutocho began its life as Tokyo’s main financial hub, and has since been revitalized into a neo-baroque hub of breweries, cafes, and restaurants that embody both the area’s cultural heritage, as well as the city’s creative tendencies and futuristic leanings.

Once overflowing with workers during its time as the country’s center of commerce, today the stocks have given way to hip wine bars, psychedelic breweries, dreamy desert spots and so much more; currently on the final step of a three-stage revitalization project, new air has been breathed into Kabutocho in a way that respects the past while at the same time capturing everything about what makes modern Tokyo so exciting.

And if that wasn’t enough to win you over, the district is also home to the famous Sakura-dori street, one of the best spots in the city for viewing cherry blossoms!

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