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Japan: Cherry Blossoms make an early arrival this season

On February 6, 2020, the Japan Weather Association published its first cherry blossom forecast of the season. According to the forecast, the cherry blossoms are expected to generally open earlier than average this year.

While predicting exact dates is impossible due to weather variations in each region, we provide this forecast as a tool to help plan your daily visits if you're going to be in Japan for this year's cherry blossom season.

Dates below represent: Estimated Opening  / Estimated Best Viewing


March 21 / March 28 to April 5


March 22 / March 29 to April 6


March 23 / March 29 to April 6


March 25 / March 31 to April 8


March 23 / March 29 to April 6


March 20 / March 28 to April 5

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