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Holi Festivities

Jaipur, India

While in Jaipur, you will have the opportunity to witness the city’s Holi festivities.

Vibrant cloudbursts of pigment, cascading streams of colored water, singing, dancing, cheering and laughing fill the streets. The Hindu festival of Holi is known around the world as the festival of colors. It is a celebration of all things good and joyful, bringing together people from all walks of life. For one exhilarating day, cares and concerns are cast into the wind like the uncountable handfuls of multicolored pigment.

During Holi, there are no strangers, only new friends. Differences are swiftly forgotten with a dusting of cerulean powder, grievances washed away with a rush of lavender dyed water. The Holi Festival is simple, pure, and garishly authentic in its unity and cheer.

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