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  • Alex Gillam

Hike Through History at Mt. Takao

Cherished by the people of Japan for more than a thousand years, Mt. Takao is an easily hikable mountain steeped in sacred asceticism, and the perfect escape from the urban frenzy of Tokyo.

With six main trails dotting the mountainside, Mt. Takao offers a variety of scenery and challenges perfect for both beginners and experienced hikers alike; over the course of the 2 – 3 hour journey, hikers are treated to a spectacular bounty of sights, such as: plum groves, waterfalls, a Natural Zoo home to over 60 monkeys, a botanical garden with more than 300 species, and an 8th Century Buddhist temple devoted to a goblin tasked with keeping away evildoers, which also doubles as a makeshift gateway to the summit.

And for those seeking a more leisurely journey, a cable car and chairlift will take you halfway up the mountain, making a visit to the summit more accessible than ever. The reward for those who make it to the top is a spellbinding view of distant Mt. Fuji, an image sure to last with you for a lifetime.

To cap off your journey in a truly tranquil fashion, at the base of the mountain sits the Takaosan Onsen, which gives hikers the opportunity to go for a rejuvenating soak in an outdoor natural hot spring (an indoor option is available, as well) amidst the serene mountain atmosphere.

No matter which trail you choose, all who ascend Mt. Fuji are guaranteed a splendorous, invigorating experience rivaled by nothing else in Tokyo.

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