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Higashiyama Walking Tour

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Kyoto, Japan

Partake in a half-day Higashiyama Walking Tour. 

Begin with a stroll through the perfectly preserved cobble-stone alleyway of Ishibe Koji.

This charming little street is lined with historic wood-paneled buildings containing traditional teahouses and quaint Japanese inns.

Continue to Nene no Michi, where you will discover a traditional streetscape reminiscent of ancient Kyoto; here you will find beautifully-styled buildings in addition to the absence of all telephone poles, as the wires have been buried underground.

From there, make your way to Kodaiji Temple. The walk will take approximately 5 minutes.

Kodaiji Temple was constructed in 1606 in memory of one of Japan’s greatest historical figures – Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Enjoy a walk through the temple’s richly decorated interiors and its surrounding beautiful Zen gardens.

Afterwards, enjoy a visit to Maruyama Park.

From the park, enjoy a 5 minute walk to Yasaka Shrine.

Once known as the Gion Shrine, this 1350 year old shrine is renowned for featuring an ethereal inner sanctuary alongside a traditional offering hall all inside one single building.

Continue to Shirakawa & the Gion District of Kyoto to see the elaborately dressed geisha in their fabulous kimono.

Your walking tour culminates in a leisurely stroll along the Kamogawa River. 

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