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  • Teissa Oxford

Hanoi Vespa Excursion

Hanoi, Vietnam

Ride past picturesque, tree-lined colonial avenues en-route to a local food market.

Stroll through the market and observe the local people as they go about buying their daily groceries.

Leave the city streets behind and venture down some of the most romantic, peaceful roads in all of Hanoi. Enjoy a visit to an ancient, local pagoda where you will have the chance to learn about Vietnamese Buddhism and the country's practice of ancestral worship

Enjoy views of West Lake while enjoying a tea, coffee or soft drink a a local stop.

You have the opportunity to stroll through the Thanh Cong Apartment Complex, where you will have the chance to see some of Hanoi's old, unique apartment buildings. Visit a small sidewalk shop to meet with a lively local musician who will be happy to serenade you with a selection of songs.

At a local restaurant to enjoy a Hanoi specialty - Bun Cha - a delicious rice noodle dish served with BBQ Pork & Seafood Spring Rolls.

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