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Hall of Opium

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Visit the Hall of Opium - an insightful museum focusing on the history of the Golden Triangle and the opium trade.

Her Royal Highness, the Princess Mother of Thailand, realized that education was critical in the reduction of opium cultivation and illegal drug use. By promoting greater awareness and a better understanding of the effects, dangers and consequences of opium and opiates, she believed that fewer people would be tempted into drug use, and that decreasing demand would gradually reduce supply. She hoped that the effects of this public awareness would extend worldwide.

The initiative led to the Hall of Opium and its exhibitions, which utilize "edu-tainment" (education that is entertaining) to raise people's awareness about illegal drugs.

Today, the Hall of Opium exhibition and information center is part of the 100-acre Golden Triangle Park, 6.2 miles north of Chiang Saen in Chiang Rai province, where the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos meet at the confluence of the Sop Ruak Tributary and the Mekong River.

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