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Grab a Shovel & Dig Your Own Hot Tub at Hot Water Beach

Auckland, New Zealand

Just over 2 hours away from Auckland by car, at first glance Hot Water Beach appears to be an ordinary North Island getaway, but that all changes at low tide; as the water retreats, you can feel hot spots along the beach that contain ocean water that has soaked beneath the sand just waiting to be released. A natural phenomenon like no other, the water beneath the sand is heated by a crack in the Earth’s crust that allows three thermal vents to sit right beneath the tide zone. When timed correctly, if you start digging in one of these spots, you will be treated to an incoming rush of hot water that forms a natural hot tub right on the beach. Seated just feet away from the expansive Pacific Ocean, your hard work is rewarded as you lay back in a hand-dug pool (reaching temperatures of up to 147°F) amidst unobstructed views of the far-reaching sea.

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