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Dharavi Slum

Mumbai, India

Visit Dharavi, the "biggest slum in Asia." A few visitors such as Prince Charles and Bill Clinton have been to Dharavi, and it is by no means a dangerous venture. The beauty of Dharavi lies not on the main roads, but in the small hidden alleys where thousands work and live in a number of small enterprises, where goats roam freely and where children play with carefree abandon.

During your visit to Dharavi you'll visit a number of its small cottage industries, including: recycling, the making of clay pots, embroidery, bakery, soap making and leather tanning, most of which take place in very small spaces. It is estimated that a total revenue of $665 million USD is produced annually in Dharavi.

You will also visit Dharavi's residential areas to see how people live and the sense of community and spirit that exists in the area. People from all over India and from all religions live in Dharavi, and you will see this diversity in action. It is quite an adventure to pass through the narrow alleys, and you will almost certainly lose your sense of direction.

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