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  • Teissa Oxford

Chi Lin Nunnery & Nan Lian Garden

Hong Kong

A quiet oasis in sharp contrast with the frenzy of activity in modern Hong Kong, the Chi Lin Nunnery is home to revered Buddhist relics, a soothing lotus pond, a nunnery, and temple halls. Following traditional Chinese architectural techniques dating back to the Tang Dynasty, the wood framed buildings are constructed without the use of a single iron nail.

Inside you will find temple halls lined with bodhisattva (enlightened Buddhist being) statues built using stone, gold, clay, and wood.

Designed in collaboration with the Chi Lin Nunnery, Nan Lian Garden was created as a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city beyond the walls. Built in the characteristic style of the Tang Dynasty, it features hills, a koi-filled pond, rocks, and classic wooden structures. At 8.6 acres, it is easy to forget you are amidst a large metropolitan area as you explore the grounds of this peaceful and serene garden.

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