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Ban Long Lao hike (waterfalls, bear rescue center, Ban Thapene)

Luang Prabang, Laos

This afternoon hike through lush forests to Ban Long Lao, a H’mong Village.

Pause en-route and explore a cave that served as a makeshift bomb shelter for the villagers of the valley during the Second Indochina War.

Visit one of the crystal clear springs that feeds into the fabled Kuang Si Waterfalls; here you will find a pool brimming with large, sacred fish. You will have an opportunity to relax by the water and go for a leisurely swim.

As you near the village, discover men tending away at the hillside by hand, women washing massive baskets of beans and ecstatic children playing in red mud.

After exploring the village, replete with traditional teak homes, wandering livestock and vast fields of vegetables, you may continue to the Bear Rescue Center, where over 10 bears (including Sun Bears and Malayan Black Bears) are looked after following their rescue from bile farms and wildlife traffickers.

Continue to the nearby Ban Thapene, a Khmu village set amidst some of Kuang Si Waterfall’s most picturesque pools.

In total, your hike will take approximately 3 hours.

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