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Bac Ninh Day Excursion

Enjoy a scenic 25 mile drive to Bac Ninh from Hanoi.

While here, enjoy visits to the Do Temple, where the Kings of the Ly Dynasty were worshiped and the Dinh Bang Communal House.

Enjoy a sweet melody of ‘Quan Ho Bac Ninh’ an antiphonal singing tradition in which men and women take turns singing in a challenge-and-response fashion. The singing ends with songs in the farewell category. Quan Ho was designated a UNESCO intangible Heritage of Humanity in September 2009. Interact with local people about their lives and crafts.

You have the option of a walking tour or you may wish to embark upon a two hour bike ride through the rice paddies with stops to visit village temples, shrine houses and pagodas. A special visit will be made to the house of the village where you will have the opportunity to interact with the villagers. Pause for lunch at a local family’s home.

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