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Arataki Visitor Center & Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

Auckland, New Zealand

Enjoy a visit to the Arataki Visitor Center, found within the splendorous Waitakere Ranges Regional Park.

 While here, in addition to learning about Maori traditions and customs, you will enjoy panoramic views of the natural wonders that surround you; from here you will be able to see both the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Afterwards, venture down and go for a walk in the rainforest itself.

Home to a variety of unique Flora and Fauna, some used by the Maori for medicinal purposes even today, this lush rainforest holds many secrets. 

View the iconic New Zealand Christmas Trees (or, Pohutukawa Trees), with their brilliant crimson flowers, and the giants of the forest, the ancient Kauri Trees.

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