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  • Alex Gillam

Ameyoko Market, a Street Food Mecca

Located beneath the railway tracks of Ueno, few markets in Japan boast an atmosphere quite like Ameyoko, and none have a better food selection. It is here, beneath the clattering train tracks, that visitors will find more than 180 colorful and densely packed stalls selling some of Tokyo’s most authentic (and inexpensive) dishes; this street food paradise runs the gamut, offering everything from yakitori and takoyaki to more exotic dishes like dried jellyfish and unique, dippable cheese donuts.

The name Ameyoko can be interpreted in multiple ways: on one hand, Ameyoko is short for Ameya Yokocho (candy store alley), a nod to the fact that candies were famously sold here; alternatively, ‘Ame’ stands for America, which could also be a reference to the forbidden American goods that were sold here in the years after World War II.

From seafood to sweet treats and everything in between, most who come to Ameyoko leave with not only a full stomach, but also a great story.

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