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  • Alex Gillam

A Journey to Myanmar

One of the most rewarding experiences for any traveler is the chance to explore a country before it has been overdeveloped, and for Myanmar the timing is just right. Outside of the bustling capital there are numerous treasures waiting to be discovered – whether it’s Bagan, an Indian Jones-esque landscape where at any turn you are just as likely to encounter crumbling temple ruins as you are wayward farmers hastily herding cattle across the street; or Inle Lake, where the roads give way to an idyllic water paradise dotted with floating gardens & temples, as well as the unique Intha fishermen; and, of course, Mandalay, the last capital of the Royal Kingdom, and home to the world’s longest teak bridge. No matter which part of this diverse country you choose to explore, you are bound to come away with a profound sense of wonder having experienced a unique tapestry of life found in few other areas of the world.

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