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  • Alex Gillam

Gua Bao, Street Food with a Story

Taiwan’s twist on the hamburger, Gua Bao is a celebratory end of year dish that sandwiches pork, coriander, pickled greens and more between a clam-shaped bao bun.

A street food staple and one of the most popular foods in Taiwan, Gua Bao is a braised pork belly bun that has been enjoyed by locals and travelers alike for generations. While it is served up by street food vendors all year round, the hamburger-like bun is most commonly eaten at the end of the year as part of the Weiya Festival (the celebration to honor the Earth God), as it said that biting into Gua Bao symbolizes the devouring of bad luck and misfortune. Regardless of when you chow down on this revered delicacy, the flavors, good fortune, and spices contained within are sure to be savored for years to come.

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