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Cao Dai


Listen as the choir performs their hymns in a unique amalgam of Western and Vietnamese practices, all the while accompanied by a traditional Vietnamese orchestra.

The Cao Dai religion is a mixture of Christian, Buddhist, Islamic and European humanist elements. In the past, the Cao Dai had their own army because they were ruthlessly oppressed by Diem and his regime. The Cao Dais denied support to the Viet Cong, and after reunification, they were punished for this intransigence by the confiscation of their lands and temples. In 1985 the temple was returned to the Cao Dai.

The temple contains an awesome array of colors and symbolism unlike anything else you will see in Vietnam. Built entirely with donations from its parishioners, the temple is built on nine levels and the inside is lined with a series of pillars with ornate colored dragons curling up them.

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