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Amber Fort

Jaipur, India

The Amber Fort is a magnificent example of a Rajput Fort building at its best. Ride up the long sweeping ramparts to the fort on gaily-caparisoned elephants - true to the style of the Maharajas of the past.

Fortified by hills and a succession of gates, the fort was a perfect capital for the Kuchwaha Rajputs from the 11th to the 18th centuries. The fort contains a dramatic Hall of Public Audience opposite a beautifully painted Ganesh pole. Ganesh, the elephant-headed son of Siva and Parvati, is commonly propitiated before beginning any new venture. Visit the gardens and the marble rooms, which are cooled by pouring water through fine perforations in the center of the wall.

This low-tech air conditioning was highly effective and easy to use. As you move between the rooms of this magnificent structure, you will feel the history and visualize the pomp and grandeur of a kingdom never conquered.

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