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A L L U R I N G  A S I A


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The Vietage

Luxury Train Line connects Hoi An to the shores of Quy Nhon.

• Luxurious seating limited to only 12 passengers
• Gourmet Meal & Drinks included.
• 30 minute head and shoulder treatments
• Six private booths with two comfortable seats per booth
• Complimentary WiFi
• Individual in-seat power outlets
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The Vietage

Embark on a luxurious railway adventure through the lush landscapes and spectacular coastlines of Central Vietnam aboard The Vietage. Embrace the epic romance of rail travel on an exquisite journey that links the heritage charm of Hoi An and the sparkling shores of Quy Nhon. The Vietage combines old-world comfort, breath-taking views and gourmet dining to leave you inspired, refreshed, and ready for your next destination. The train departs from Da Nang Railway Station near Hoi An each morning, and makes the return journey from Quy Nhon every evening.

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