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Inle Lake


Sprawling yet narrow, quiet yet frenetic, the wonders of Inle Lake have to be seen to believed; with everything from one-legged rowers and Venice-like villages amidst floating temples and shrines, there truly is no other place quite like Inle Lake. Inle Lake is famous for being the home of the Intha, one of Burma's ethnic minorities. The Intha are skilled fishermen with a unique fishing technique: a conical trap made of bamboo or wood (with a net inside) is thrust into the water. When the fisherman feels (with a string) a fish caught in the net, he releases the net, and with some luck, a fish is caught. To scare the fish so that it touches the net, a pole is used in the other hand to stir the water near the net.

Reed Flute Cave Guilin Depositphotos_285


Heho Airport, He Hoe, Myanmar (Burma)

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