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Hakone has been a popular resort since the great warrior Toyotomi Hideyoshi discovered natural hot springs in this beautiful mountainous area in the 16th century. Hakone was also a very important checkpoint sort of a feudal customs control along the old Tokaido Road during the Shogunate Edo Period. The Tokaido Road was established by the aristocratic Samurai warrior caste during the 17th century and it tied together the provinces of old Japan, from the feudal palaces and forts to bustling market centers, towns and temples. Traveled on foot by sword-wielding horsemen, pilgrims, traders, poets and peasants for over 200 years, today the road is well preserved and cedar trees line the road.

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Haneda Airport (HND), Hanedakūkō, Ota City, Tōkyō-to 144-0041, Japan

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