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The seat of the 1st Burmese Empire in the mid-11th century A.D., the glorious plains of Bagan originally hosted over 4,000 stunning pagodas; of these, more than 3,800 have stood the test of time - many of the pagodas are in ruins, but inside these structures you will find beautiful wall paintings that are as vibrant as the day they were originally painted. Bagan has changed very little in the past century, and it remains Myanmar's deserted capital on the Irrawaddy, thickly studded with pagodas of all sizes and shapes. There is nowhere a sight so striking as the view across the plains of Bagan, one red-brick pagoda after another, with an occasional white spire reaching heavenward, all encased in a large area on the dusty eastern shores of the greatest river in Burma.

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Bagan Nyaung-U Airport, Nyaungu, Myanmar (Burma)

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