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  • Alex Gillam

Where in the World: South Korea

A cutting edge nation that shares one half of the world’s most infamous border, South Korea is a spectacularly diverse country whose ancient customs and curios remain even today; whether it’s ancient temples set side by side with dazzling skyscrapers, or an ultra-modern city contrasting with scenes of nearby natural splendor, few countries can offer such a seamless marriage of technology and tradition.

It is perhaps because of this that the residents of South Korea are so active; as a result, the country boasts the lowest rate of obesity in the world, with only 3.2% of the population considered overweight.

Contributing to this, undoubtedly, is the healthy diet of the average South Korean. There is perhaps no finer example of that than the country’s thriving seaweed farms, which are responsible for producing about 50% of the world’s total seaweed harvest.

And finally, one of the more unique aspects of the country’s culture are its 12 ‘Love Days’, a year-long series of holidays that are celebrated on the 14th of every month in South Korea. These love days include everything from: Wine Day (October) & Kiss Day (June) to White Day (where the male showers his partner with candy) and the world-famous Black Day, where single 20-somethings get together to enjoy a meal with their other single friends.

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