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The hottest ticket in Tokyo: teamLab Borderless - MORI Digital Art Museum

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Tokyo, Japan

Visit the MORI Digital Art Museum, where the teamLab team has created Borderless, a transcendent visual experience unlike anything else in Japan.

Spread across 2 floors of the museum, Borderless is an other-worldly collection of vibrant, three dimensional art that redefines what it means to view, and interect with, original artwork.

While here, you are encouraged to wander the museum’s ‘borderless’ exhibits, freely flowing from one room to another, while an awe-inspiring collection of lights, shapes and colors envelope and play out across your body.

Please note: it is not required, but white/light colored clothing better reflects the museum’s various light displays in comparison to dark clothing.

Located in the Odaiba Waterfront.

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