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Suzhou Day Trip

Shanghai, China

Founded over 2,500 years ago, Suzhou’s charms are embodied in its formal gardens, each exquisitely designed and constructed by great artists of late Imperial China. There are more than 150 exquisite gardens in Suzhou, each combining the traditional elements of pavilions, temples and rock sculptures with distinctive arrangements of flowers and trees. 

Begin your day with a visit to the Humble Administration Garden, built in 1509, it is one of China’s four most famous gardens thanks in part to its unique design and ethereal beauty.

Continue to the Master of Fishnet Garden before setting off on a leisurely canal cruise.

In the center of town, people bustle along the crowded lanes, chattering, laughing, their cries pierced by the metallic ring of bicycle bells. Turn out of the main streets and stroll down some of the small lanes, or ‘hutongs’. 

Peek into the white-washed cottages as you sail by and catch a glimpse of families chatting, cooking and eating.

This afternoon visit a silk factory where you can learn about the process of producing silk (from cocoon to spinning the silk to the final product).

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